H Audio was founded in 2015 as distribution firm. The founders of H Audio has been working in this industry since 2004, it has been the story of humble beginning, meteoric rise,tumultuous and heady go.From the past years, our each victory sounded differently and kept the spectators on the edge. After our bellwethering entry in to the world of audio we Rose to the nations pride and with a verve and vim we are SOUND OF INDIA now. We are stretching our passion by installing sound system for more than 400 sites from commen sites , celebrity House to international clubs. We continue to keep the audience nostalgic with the feel of brand and great technical values for the sound system users. H Audio is equipoised in Accuracy, proffesuonalism on time completition and accomplishment within the set budget. Our superior customer care, accessories backed by cutting edge technology and team of dedicated employees are making us to bask in glory.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be India’s best suppliers of audio speakers and technology solutions through innovation, brand building and personalized service, with the ultimate goal of providing the complete solution.. .

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide strong representation of brands that have been tailored to our customers needs. Our focus is on continual improvement and excellence in collaboration with our clients, in our never-ending quest to provide the complete solution. You can connect the H Audio and enjoy crystal clear audio systems for meetings, conversations and music as well. You can contact us for the price catalog and specifications of concert sound systems, concert pa, powered speakers, professional sound systems, pa equipment, pro audio, line array systems and speakers. We supplied these branded sound systems at reasonable rates in more than 350 sites in all the major cities in India. Because H Audio distribute products exclusively throughout India, our contact database extends through to Entertainment Venues, Corporate, Pub, Clubs, Lounge, Hotels, Restaurants and Home Theaters. Our major clients for whom we worked are the celebrities, example, Sir Suresh Babus Home Theater, Aadhar Director Sir Rami Reddys Home Theater, Ravi Teja Actors House, Sir Koti Srinivas Roas House, Sir R.P. Patnayak House & Studio and many more successfully.