Void Acoustics' comprehensive ranges of installation products are world renowned for their sonic perfection, reliability, and revolutionary looks, and prominent installations now include many of the most prestigious 'super clubs' and venues around the world. Void is proud to be at the cutting edge of aural design, incorporating ground breaking technological advances with visual styling that harmoniously complements your surroundings. Void Acoustics offers the best in contemporary styled loudspeakers that sound as good as they look.

Void Install Products

Designed with the sole purpose of being the best dance club system available, Incubus redefines expectations around the world. Providing levels of control thought impossible, its ability to deliver both linear frequency and power shading within a single mid top enclosure ensures perfect sound for everyone on the dance floor. Incubus is the number one choice for discerning interior designers because its physical signature cries out for extreme expression. Anyone looking to push both sonic and visual boundaries to the edge whilst raising mankind’s awareness via elevated forms of entertainment needs to audition Incubus.

The visually stunning Indigo series combines futuristic looks with esoteric audio performance to bring a newly level of sophistication every venue will want to be seen with. Indigo is the first range of loudspeakers that has been created for the new heightened awareness in style that today’s venue designers aspire too. Boundaries are being pushed in all areas of the entertainment industry, with the visual aspect becoming evermore important. Indigo not only fulfills your quest for the ultimate in styling, it will also bring a new level of sonic richness you never thought possible.

The Xsys series brings new levels of performance and advanced aesthetics to the Void product range, characterised by significantly enhanced performance capabilities from truly uniquely styled, non traditional enclosures. The four models comprising the Xsys series not only look like something you'd see on a futuristic starship, but they sound like it as well. Utilising highly advanced driver technology coupled with the latest developments in construction materials, Xsys loudspeakers have a sophisticated appearance that encourages architects and interior designers to place these loudspeakers where they will perform properly, instead of in some out-of-the-way corner of the room where they won't be noticed.